About us

T he Community Business School was created by The Community Shares Company, as a way of sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Most people who get involved in a community business find themselves on a steep learning curve. 

Sometimes groups are lucky to include people with previous experience or they have access to a mentor. Others benefit from tapping into a network of similar community businesses.

But for many groups, it’s a case of figuring things out as they go along; finding their own way through the challenges and hoping to come out the other side in one piece.

There are excellent consultants out there able to help groups launch and grow, but not all groups can access the finances to take on a consultant. In reality, lots of fantastic projects don’t get out of the starting blocks or flounder when they could be thriving, for the lack of the right support at the right moment.

Our Solution

Easy to access, affordable online learning materials that groups can access anywhere, at any time. 

Our courses are designed to flag up the issues groups are likely to face and provide tips on how to navigate challenges. By sharing our experience, we can help groups avoid making common mistakes and wasting precious time and energy.

More Courses

We hope to offer courses on all aspects of community business. If you’re a community business practitioner and would like to offer a class through the Community Business School, we’d love to hear from you.