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  • Community Shares Workshop

    Find out if a share issue could work for your organisation in just two and a half hours with our FREE video workshop

    • Work through the key issues to see if a share issue is right for you and how much you could raise
    • All done in a single 2-hour meeting of your group’s key decision-makers
    • Think about your target and what impact the money will have on your future
    • Think through how much do you think you can realistically raise from how many people
    • Assess how ready your group is for the challenges and opportunities of community ownership
    • 6 short videos to watch
    • 8 group exercises to work through as a group
  • Community Shares Masterclass

    Work step-by-step through everything you need to do to plan and launch a successful share issue.

    • A masterclass to take you through everything you need to know about community share issues
    • Do at your own pace – as quickly as you need, or take as long as you’d like
    • Work out what financial return your investors will be offered, based on your projected revenues
    • Write an engaging share offer document and develop your business plan
    • Plan your engagement campaign and share issue promotion plan
    • 9 videos to watch
    • 21 exercises to work through to shape your offer
    • 37 factsheets covering every element of a community share issue
    • 8 case studies to learn from
    • 7 podcast interviews with people who’ve done their own share issues