Community Shares Masterclass

9 modules

Covering everything you need to understand and do to plan and launch a successful community share issue.

What you’ll learn

  • Why community shares work the way they do
  • Using your networks to amplify your campaign reach
  • Which legal structures work for community share issues
  • How to write a compelling share offer document
  • How to build a business plan that gives you confidence
  • Best practice for planning a successful share offer campaign
  • Details about different tax reliefs and how they incentivise investors
  • Tips for making a great video to capture people’s imaginations
  • To project your finances and plan how you’ll reward investors
  • The pros and cons of different platforms for your offer
  • Making a great video to support your campaign
  • All the nitty gritty on tax relief and share certificates
  • The best ways to engage potential investors before you launch your offer
  • What happens once you hit your target

Take it at your own pace…

This is a self-paced class, so if you’re facing a tight deadline and need to skill-up fast, we think you could complete all the material in around five days, if you clear your diary and work on it full time.

If time isn’t an issue, you can take things at a more leisurely pace and work through the material in evenings and weekends. Progress is saved as you go along so it doesn’t matter if time elapses between visits to the online classroom. Just pick up where you left off. We’ll send you gentle reminders to keep you motivated to finish.


The Masterclass costs £399 (inclusive of £66.50 VAT)

Don’t forget, you can come back to material whenever you like and register multiple members of your group for no additional fee. When you compare the price of the Masterclass with how many thousands of pounds (or even millions) you might eventually raise through a share issue, we believe it’s an investment worth making!

Dave Boyle

Course Creator

Dave has helped organisations across the UK raise over £10million through community shares, from pubs to piers, sports teams and shops, breweries, museums and more. He works with groups at all stages, from pre-start up to existing community businesses and was advisor to the UK's first two charities to raise equity finance.

He's a Community Shares Unit licensed practitioner, an accredited social enterprise advisor and the founder of The Community Shares Company. As well as working with groups to raise finance, Dave has collaborated on projects with organisations such as The Plunkett Foundation, The Carnegie UK Foundation, Social Enterprise UK, Co-operatives UK, Brighton & Hove City Council, Cornwall Council, The High Pay Centre, Hacked Off, Liverpool Football Club and The Guardian.

He is author of The Big Lottery Village SOS: How to Run a Rural Community Enterprise.